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We are the brand owners of some of the leading FMCG brands in South India, including the well known Lazza brand. On this page you will find our brand and product portfolio and our brief history. For Franchise enquiries or any other queries, please contact us at the details below.

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has been in the ice cream business since 1972. However, the Lazza Brand name has been entered in the Trade mark registry in various forms and classes since 1990. The trade mark has also obtained registrations in various middle eastern countries. The lazza branded products reaches the Indian consumer through close to 30,000 retail shops. The revenue associated with the Lazza brand is about 200 Crore INR as of FY 2022-23. The products made under the Lazza Brand are Ice creams, Butter & Cheese (?), fruit syrups and bottled water & aerated water.


JSF was incorporated in 1996 (?) by the lineal descendants of Mr. MC John for the purpose of owning and managing all their flagship brands and companies. Today it is managed under the able leadership of Shri. Simon John and assisted by Mr. John Simon, Mr. Joseph Simon and Mr. Rahul Simon. Under the visionary leadership of Shri. Simon John the brands represented by JSF have a presence across South India and the middle east and having a combined revenue exceeding INR 200 Crores. The group also has 50 years of expertise in setting up and managing efficient and state of the art ice cream plants. 10 Ice cream plants and a few additional auxiliary units across south India are currently under the ownership of JSF management.

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Simon John

Simon John is the Chairman, and driving force behind JSF group. After completing his Engineering from NIT trichy (then REC, Trichy) and MBA from PSG tech, he joined his father Shri. MC John in his fledgling ice cream venture in Kochi, Kerala, in the year 1972. From then on, through innumerable challenges and market cycles, and a turnover of just Rs. 1 lakh per annum, he led the company to its present level of leadership among home grown Kerala brands. Today, JSF is the proud owner of the largest selling ice cream brand of Kerala with an annual turnover of over Rs.200 Crores. We can honestly say that JSF is where it is today only due to God’s Grace and the vision, passion and tireless efforts of Shri Simon John. His wisdom and experience continues to guide all aspects of the group, even today.


John Simon

John Simon is the managing director of JSF and the eldest son of Simon John. After completing his Master’s degree at Virginia Tech, USA, he worked a brief stint at a leading mobile phone OEM in the US and China. After overseeing the setting up of an 80 Crore mobile phone manufacturing facility in India, he joined JSF group of companies in 2008. At JSF he introduced several global best practices as Director, Production. He has now shifted roles to Director, IT, where he is spearheading several digital transformation initiatives. He is also running a Natural Resources Exploration company in Africa under his personal capacity.

Joseph Simon

Joseph Simon

Joseph Simon is the 2nd son of Mr. Simon John. He has a Master’s degree in Software Engineering and has been assisting Mr. Simon John in running the company since 2006. He currently heads the Plant engineering and Logistics department at the JSF group. In his personal capacity he has pioneered the concept of Private Urban recreational parks. It is now running in 2 locations in kerala, and is a resounding success. He is also an active member of various social organizations in the state.


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